Upcoming Workshops 

Idan Sharabi’s  movement research develops unique movement principals. His work is very physical and daring, yet it is full of delicacy and detail. As a dancer, he has worked with different choreographers in his career. Three of them can be mentioned as big influences on his movement style: Ohad Naharin (Gaga), William Forsythe (Improvisation technologies) and Jiri Kylian (Ballet based). The mixture of such different styles and choreographic approaches in his background has given Sharabi a very colorful surface to grow from as a young creator. The work recognizes and locates parts of the body to find isolation in it. It builds to concentrate on the accumulation of details, and finally with letting go, reflecting on the progress in a more sophisticated body. Eventually, in a more advanced level, the work deals as well with time and memory, while playing with choreographed & improvised materials. The workshop is made to expose dancers to Sharabi’s movement language & give them improvisational tools to use for their own creative research.

“People always move. My research aims to find our physical freedom in relation to our limiting mind, and vice-versa. By using our imagination, we deal with many movement elements, such as speed or texture changes. We challenge ourselves to go beyond our so-called ‘limits’. The work combines learning improvisation technologies as well as some movement patterns. It is a very physical process, yet the learning can be also cerebral. After layering movement patterns into the body and mind, we discover the delicacy of detail in us. Listening to the details is crucial to the work at every single moment. However, after finding the source, the work is about daring. Creating movement inside us that would immediately read in the space. Daring to move ourselves.”  — Idan Sharabi.