Project Description


Yours (former Ours) by Idan Sharabi Dance

Choreography & Soundtrack | Idan Sharabi
Music | Joni Mitchell & Recordings by Idan Sharabi
Dancers | Eyal Dadon ,Nicolas Ventura

For several years I have been exploring the concept of “Home” in my choreographic work.
I interviewed people about it, asking what home meant to them and whether they felt at home at that moment. All interviews interpreted home as different things, such as origin, identity, society, body and more. It became clear to me that people perceived themselves as the reflection of their homes; their language, family, occupation, possession, injuries, love, etc. Eventually, when starting my creation process, I interviewed my dancer as well. I felt the need to create a new home for both of us. I found it within the music and the movement. Originally, I titled the work “Ours”, referring to it as our opportunity to find home together, while sharing with the audience. later, I have come to learn that it no longer mattered to me whose home is was. I decided to add one letter to the title and to dedicate this experience to the spectator. It is ‘yours’.