Supporting the activity of Idan Sharabi Dance could help creating a future for the artistic development of our research, and the sharing of it. Any donation or advice would be highly appreciated! We would love to have you as our special guest in our shows & It would be our pleasure to share with you our working process as well, if you’d like that.

Idan Sharabi & Dancers is now considered a Chamber Group in Israel. Donations for the group are possible by a bank transfer to the Israeli Choreographers Association account, listed below.
The Choreographers Association is recognized for tax purposes under tax regulation number 46, which recognizes donations as tax deductible.
We thank you for your time and for allowing us the opportunity to grow further.

Idan Sharabi Dance


For more details, please contact:

Bank: Leumi no. 10 Branch: Habarzel, Tel aviv no.673

Account no.: 015789/22 Transferrer name: Idan Sharabi