Project Description

Interviews / Makom

Autobiography of people

Interviews / Makom by Idan Sharabi Dance
Premiere | Vancouver | February 2015
Choreography, Soundtrack & Costumes | Idan Sharabi
Company Administration & Management | Amy Diane Morrow, AM Arts
Creation Assistance & Rehearsal Direction | Niv Marinberg
Music | Nina Simone, Alexander Scriabin, Joni Mitchell, Recordings by Sharabi, Nine Inch Nails
Lighting | Nadav Barnea, Tamar Orr & Idan Sharabi
Dancers |Dor Mamalia, Ema Yuasa, Dafna Dudovich, Idan Sharabi & Noa Mamrud
Video Design | Idan Sharabi
Spanish Translation | Lucas Chauvet

I was born in Israel, in 1984. When I became 17 I started traveling and for almost half of my life time, I’ve lived out of home. As a result, my conception of places has been shifting a lot. In 2014, I created the work ‘Yours’ (former ‘Ours’) by finding the intimacy in a creative process of only two persons in the studio. I interviewed my dancer about his perception of ‘home’ and as a result, a duet was born. In 2015, I extended my ‘home’ research and brought in more dancers. I interviewed them as well. These inspiring interviews lead me to create the piece Interviews / Makom (Hebrew for ‘A place’), which became an autobiographical impression of the people performing it. These choreographic pieces are all some kind of riddles for me. Nevertheless, now I know more about my own aspiration. I long to see others more. To love.