Project Description


A full evening for three men

Premiere | Open Look Festival 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
Choreography & Soundtrack | Idan Sharabi
Music | Byetone, Senking, F. Chopin, Joni Mitchell
Dancers | Ilan Kav, Dor Mamalia, Idan Sharabi

Thirteen years ago, I left my home in Israel to live abroad. Since I returned to Israel five years ago, I still find myself on airplanes,suitcases packed, and on the go, which makes the fragility of my home more and more apparent to me. Last year, I began interviewing people from different countries, asking them: What is home for you? Where are you from? Where do you live & Do you feel at home now?. It became clear to me that people perceived themselves as the reflection of their homes; their language, family, occupation, possession, injuries, love, etc.

These interviews were very inspiring for me and led me to create several works over the course of a year. We Men is one of them.

Our society publicly reflects the discrete experience of the individual. We Men was created as a personal gesture to our never ending collective search for our ‘gender home’. In this creation, three men – are simply people. Two of them are also my friends and work partners. As we work together we have come to agree that music is our common home. This evening is an opportunity for us to experience music together and through it expose and share with the audience our search for these identities.

We’d like to sincerely thank Zipi Dudovich & ‘Piruet’ Rehovot, Tami Weiss, Yoram Karmi and Banning & Kevin Bouldin.

  • We Men will be performed again in September 2014:
  • In Warehouse 2 Theater, Jaffa Port, Tel-aviv-Yaffo on 18.9.14
  • In The Series of Beit Mazya Theater, in Jerusalem on 30.9.14