‘Ours’ has won the 1st prize awards for choreography both in Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2014, Denmark and in Hanover Choreography Competition 2014, Germany.

Premiere | Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark. April, 2014
Choreography & Soundtrack | Idan Sharabi
Music | Joni Mitchell & Recordings by I. Sharabi
Dancers | Dor Mamalia, Idan Sharabi

For the past five years I have been exploring the concept of “Home” in my choreographic work. Recently, I started interviewing people about it, asking them: What is home for you? Where are you from? Where do you live? Do you feel at home now? All interviews interpreted home as different things, creating opportunities to discuss broad concepts such as origin, identity, society, body and more. It became clear to me that people perceived themselves as the reflection of their homes; their language, family, occupation, possession, injuries, love, etc. Eventually, when starting my creation process with Dor, I interviewed him as well. As a result, I felt the need to find a new home for both of us. “Ours” is our little opportunity to find our home together, and share it immediately with the audience