Premiere | Machol Shalem Festival 16/9/14

Choreography, Soundtrack & Lighting | Idan Sharabi

Music | F. Chopin, Joni Mitchell, Senking & Byetone

Costumes | Aviad Arik Herman & Idan Sharabi

Performers | Dafna Dudovich, Dor Mamalia & Idan Sharabi


Ever since I can remember, I have lived with a certain paradoxical feeling in my stomach and my head. I
was born in a place called Israel- into the never-ending political and social arguments surrounding its
existence, and the wars that came about as a result. After the last conflict in Gaza, I find I can no longer
stay silent. I interviewed several people I met while sitting in different shelters during this conflict, as
well as the dancers I worked with throughout the creative process of this piece. These recordings
provide a framework for the dancers to interpret and share their own experience.
Repetitive escalations of violence have long existed in the history of humankind, forcing humanity
throughout time to deal with the same issues again and again. In Interviews, I explored some of these
issues, which brought up some questions for me. Soon enough, these questions became strong pillars in
the construction of the piece:
What is normal and abnormal? Do differences equal fears? Who is a victim and can he become a
manipulator? Are inventions simply discoveries? Are creations possessions? Do definitions stand in the
way of the ability?
Interviews is a work still in progress, I believe it will take some time before I am able to complete it.
My greatest longing as a man living in this messy, beautiful world, is to find a way to see through another
person’s eyes. To feel what they feel, to love what they love.


Special Thanks goes to Elizabeth Espindola for being an integral part of this creation,
Zipi Dudovich & “Piruet”, for providing us the home to create & Machol Shalem Festival for the opportunity to
share this experience. We would like to thank our generous advisor, Oded Graf, for his genuine great support
in this bumpy road, it would not have been the same without you!
Thank you.